Martha Sullivan also offers services a neutral in any area of law, and has additional training in family issues.


Our services in this area

  • Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution (ADR), a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties. A third party, the mediator, assists the parties to negotiate their own settlement (facilitative mediation). In some cases, mediators may express a view on what might be a fair or reasonable settlement, generally where all the parties agree that the mediator may do so (evaluative mediation).


  • Mediation has a structure, timetable and dynamics that "ordinary" negotiation lacks. The process is private and confidential. The presence of a mediator is the key distinguishing feature of the process. There may be no obligation to go to mediation, but in some cases, any settlement agreement signed by the parties to a dispute will be binding on them.


  • Parenting Consultant.  A neutral party whose role it is to assist parents in divorce, paternity or legal separeation with their parenting issues.  The parenting consultant often fills the role of a specialist who may be called on when disputes occur between the parents ot mediate the disputed issue and to provide insight into parenting decisions and their impact on children.


  •  Parenting Time Expeditor. A parenting time expeditor or "PTE" is similar to a parenting consultant with the exception that the PTE can make binding decisions on disputed issues.  Under Minnesota Statute, Sec. 518.1751, the PTE may be empowered by the Court to enforce, interpret and clarify existing parenting time orders; the role may be defined or limited by the parties or by the Court.



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